Pavis - In the 1960's

Pavis was established in the 1960’s following a long affiliation with the textile and knitwear industry. In the beginning, production was focused on abdominal containment devices and Pavis is recognised across the industry for developing the first inguinal hernia slip device of its kind.

Pavis - The Ninety

During the following years production expanded to include abdominal and post operation bands, lumbar belts and corsets. Today these products now form the Wellness line, which represents these traditional Pavis products. At the end of 1990’s, after a careful study of the market, Pavis developed a new orthopedic braces’line utilising unique materials and patented technologies solutions, marked under Newedge line brand.

Pavis - From 2004 to date

the PaVis range of products consists of prophylactic and rehabilitative solutions. the later is devided into two main lines, WellneSS lIne which is made of all devices for the abdominal contention, inguinal hernia supports, lumbar belts and corsets for both men and women; neW edge lIne the range of all new bracing with exclusive unmatched performance and comfort.

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