PT. Innovation Healthcare Indonesia are the sole distributor for world class brands, representing leading manufacturers of medical device, home care, baby care and beauty products worldwide. Currently we have professional employees from marketing, administration, sales, and determined to provide better solutions and services to consumers the sole distributor for branded product. Our Customizer is Numero Uno !.

FORA - Story

Based in Moorpark, California, ForaCare Inc. US is a healthcare technology company dedicated to the design and development of products for chronic disease management. The aim of ForaCare Inc. is to complete the cycle of chronic disease management by combining innovative technologies and clinical applications. We embrace modern technologies to focus on diabetes, hypertension, and COPD management among other disease states. By utilizing advanced information technology and integrated chronic disease monitoring, we have established an efficient and effective healthcare management platform to serve professionals and patients.

FORA - Technologies

ForaCare products provide a reliable and accurate means to collect chronic disease monitoring information, and information technology platforms for effective data management. ForaCare products and solutions are designed and developed to cover multiple parameters, including diabetes, hypertension, CHF and COPD care, as well as telehealth solutions. Through our monitoring and systems technology, we turn biometric data into useful and accessible health information. Healthcare professionals can use this information to proactively take action and manage patient compliance through the prescription of behavior modifications.

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