Beurer - History

In 1919 Käthe and Eugen Beurer were living in poor conditions at Frauenstrasse 57 in Ulm. But the couple, in particular Käthe Beurer as the driving force, had an idea, a vision: as an alternative to the then very common hot water bottle, electrically operated heating pads would provide people with cosy warmth in future. A very practical invention in times in which central heating was not a standard feature of a home. Heinrich Stanger from Reutlingen had become acquainted with the manufacture of heating pads whilst in the USA and, following his return to Ulm in 1908, started production of the first models in Germany. The relevant expertise was therefore on hand when Käthe Beurer and her husband ventured into self-employment in 1919. Despite all the difficult circumstances, "production" began, albeit in modest conditions at first. The first units were produced using two sewing machines in their bedroom at home.

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