#554 Dorsal-Lumbo-Sacral Modular Corset

New design in the scapular area for an improved fit. The semi-rigid aluminium slats create effective support of the dorsal-lumbar-sacral region of the spine and can be removed. The rear is fitted with a reinforced dorsal section to prevent movement of the slats away from the paravertebral area. Contouring at the base of the item for greater comfort. The shoulder straps are anatomically shaped and lined with soft Radyarn fabric to ensure optimum comfort. An elastic rear loop simplifies the strap drawing system. The semi-circular front and small pocket facilitate fastening and adjustment on the abdomen. Lightweight and easy to wear. Available in 2 colours (Dark Grey – Cream).

Code#554 Dorsal-Lumbo-Sacral Modular Corset
-Treatment post traumatic of the dorsal-lumbar-sacral region
-Osteoporosis, osteolysis, osteomalacia of the dorsal region
-Protection to the dorsal-lumbar region with an uniform grip of the pelvis
KEMENKES RI AKL number11402320640

Technical details