Thermometers by Beurer

Reliable clinical thermometers for your child. Measuring a baby or a small child's fever is not often straightforward – our clinical thermometers with colourful animal designs, flexible measuring tips and an especially short measuring time can help with this. The cute pacifier thermometer measures in a way that is entirely comfortable for the baby and is therefore ideal for getting an initial overview. Recommended product; BY 11 Monkey, BY 11 Frog, BY 11 Dog.

Baby scale by Beurer

Pure happiness with every gram. A baby scale is perfect for monitoring your baby's weight gain at home. The practical hold function records the correct weight, even for wriggling babies. Recommended product; Baby scale BY 90

Baby food/bottle warmers by Beurer

Warm up baby food quickly and easily. Baby food warmers and bottle warmers gently and evenly warm up mashed baby food and bottles, giving you time to care for your baby in peace. The practical heat-retention function also means that the baby food stays at the set temperature for longer. Recommended product; Baby food and bottle warmer Beurer BY 52.

Breast pumps by Beurer

For more flexibility during breastfeeding. Electric and manual breast pumps are perfect for supporting new mums when breastfeeding. Breast milk has all the nutrition your baby needs. A breast pump means that you can make sure your baby won't go without when you are unable to breastfeed. Recommended product; Electric breast pump Beurer BY 40, Manual breast pump Beurer BY 15.