FaceCare by Beurer

Facial care for a healthy, pure and radiant complexion. Deluxe facial care: Facial brushes, microdermabrasion devices, facial saunas and illuminated cosmetics mirrors – the FaceCare range from Beurer offers everything you need for a healthy, clear and radiant complexion.
Recommended product; Beurer FC 65 Pureo Deep Clear Facial Brush-Fight impurities with the blue LED light, Beurer FC 45 Facial Brush-Gentle care for everyday use, Beurer FC 100 Pureo Derma Peel-Salon treatment at home-revitalised, radiant skin.

Hair removal by Beurer

Hairless and smooth skin. Laser hair removal, IPL, shaving, waxing and epilating ensure smooth and supple skin. Beurer offers you professional, long-lasting hair removal at home without time-consuming visits to the beauty salon. Laser/IPLThe powerful diode laser technology is clinically tested and promises 61% hair reduction 3 weeks after the first application. Our device versions are suitable for removing hair all over the body including smaller areas like facial hair or the bikini line. Recommended product; Beurer IPL Pure Skin Pro for long-lasting hair removal-Convenient application thanks to "Auto Flash" mode, Beurer IPL 7500 SatinSkin Pro for long-lasting hair removal-Ideal for treating smaller areas of the body.  

BarbersCorner by Beurer

Professional beard and body care from the comfort of your own home. Our stylish "BarbersCorner" series provides all the products a modern man needs. From beard trimmers and stylers, to hair clippers and body groomers – with our products you can also groom and style your look professionally at home. Recommended product; HR 4000 | Beard Styler, HR 2000 | Precision  Trimmer, HR 5000 | Hair ClipperHR 8000 | Rotary Shaver.

Manicure/pedicure by Beurer

Beautiful nails, pampered hands and feet. A manicure takes care of your hands and nails, and their appearance. A pedicure is takes care of your feet and ensures you have soft skin and beautiful nails. Manicure and pedicure devices are the perfect tool to give you salon-quality nails. Recommended product; MP 60 | Manicure/pedicure setMP 64 | Manicure/pedicure set.

Bodycare by Beurer

The wellness program for your home, Massage, skin tightening, blood circulation of the skin: The Beurer Bodycare range leaves nothing to be desired for your personal well-being program. Because feeling good means feeling beautiful. Recommended product; Powered body brush Beurer FC 25.

HairCare by Beurer

Deluxe hairstyling – for a show-stopping, salon-quality look. Whether you want straight, elegantly styled or curly hair – our Beurer HairCare StylePro range, consisting of hair dryers, hair straighteners, hot air brushes and multi-functional stylers, can create unforgettable and professional looks as if by magic. Recommended product; Recommended product; Beurer HC 80 hair dryer, Beurer HT 10 ion detangling brush, Beurer HT 60 multi-functional styler.