BONTEMPI's product list

BONTEMPI Selling Point:

  • Bontempi Surgical Instruments are made with special German steel.
  • Bontempi Surgical Instruments are produced by the molded smelting method.
  • The steel used is certain steel – Martensitic series, Anti-corrosion steel.
  • Instruments are made according to European country standards and according to European Union EEC regulations.
  • Bontempi Surgical Instruments manufactured in GERMANY – Tuttlingen using special steel.
  • For steam sterilization (autoclaving) should not exceed 134°.
  • 5 year guarantee from production date against manufacturing defects.

BONTEMPI Obsgyn Surgical Instrument Set :

Bidan-Midwives Instrument Set
Partus Set
Curettage Abortus Set
Caesarian Secto Set
Hysterectomy Set
Iud Set
Iva Kit Set
Episiotomy Set

BONTEMPI THT Surgical Instrument Set :

Tonsillectomy Set
ENT Treatment Set
Mastoidectomy Set
Sinus Set

BONTEMPI Eye Surgical Instrument Set :

Cataract Set 1
Cataract Set 2
Pterygium Set
Glaucoma Set
Chalazion Set

BONTEMPI Major and Minor Surgical Instrument Set :

Major Surgery Set 1
Major Surgery Set 2
Major Surgery Set 3
Major Pediatric Set
Minor Basic Set 1
Minor Basic Set 2
Minor Basic Set 3
Micro Surgery Set
Vena Sectio Set
Intubation Adult Set
Intubation Children Set
Hechting Set
Dressing Instrument Set
Emergency Instrument Set
Biopsy Set
Circumcision Set

BONTEMPI Abdominal Surgical Instrument Set :

Laparatomy Set 1
Laparatomy Set 2
Laparatomy Pediatric Set
Hernia and Appendix Set 1
Hernia and Appendix Set 2
Hernia and Appendix for Child
Appendectomy Set
Urology Set
Kidney Set

BONTEMPI Dental Surgical Instrument Set :

Dental Instrument Set 1
Dental Instrument Set 2
Maxillofacial Set

BONTEMPI Orthopedic Surgical Instrument Set :

Amputation Set
Orthopaedic Set

BONTEMPI Neuro Surgical Instrument Set :

Laminectomy Set
Craniotomy Set

BONTEMPI Cardio Surgical Instrument Set :

Cardiovascular Set
Coronary Artery By-Pass Graft Set (CABG Set)
Basic Vascular Set

BONTEMPI Others Surgical Instrument Set :

Mastectomy Set
Minor Vaginal Set
Stitching Set
Thoracotomy Set
Gynaecology Examination Set
Haemorrhoidectomy Set
Oncology Surgery Set
Tracheostomy Set
Obstetric Set